slow1 [ slou ] adjective ***
▸ 1 not fast
▸ 2 taking a long time
▸ 3 not intelligent
▸ 4 not busy/exciting
▸ 5 music: at slow speed
▸ 6 about (part of) road
▸ 7 clock: with earlier time
▸ 8 about film/camera
▸ 9 oven: at low temperature
1. ) a slow movement or action does not happen fast:
It's a long slow walk to the top of hill.
A slow smile spread across her face.
a ) used for describing something that is moving or moves in this way:
Most large trucks are slow and difficult to drive.
painfully slow (=very slow): Traffic was painfully slow today on the way home.
2. ) taking a long time:
Selecting the best candidate is a slow process.
painfully slow (=very slow): Progress has been painfully slow.
a ) used for saying that someone or something is not fast enough:
I need a new laptop this one's really slow.
slow to do something: My boss is always slow to tell us about changes in the schedule.
slow in/about doing something: They're usually pretty slow in returning my phone calls.
3. ) not intelligent, so that you need a lot of time to understand simple things:
My teachers thought I was a slow learner.
Adrian is a bit slow.
a ) feel/be slow INFORMAL to feel/be tired and unable to think clearly:
Could you repeat that? I'm feeling a bit slow today.
4. ) not busy, exciting, or full of activity:
The first part of the movie is very slow.
The weeks after Christmas are usually fairly slow in most stores.
5. ) music that is slow is played without much speed or energy:
a slow, sad song
6. ) a slow road or part of a road is one where you cannot travel fast
7. ) a watch or clock that is slow shows a time that is earlier than the correct time:
Your watch is 15 minutes slow.
8. ) slow film for a camera is not very sensitive to light, so it takes more time to take a photograph
9. ) a slow oven is operating at a very low temperature:
Add the nuts and cook in a very slow oven for 2 hours.
be slow going SPOKEN
used for saying that progress is slow and difficult to achieve:
I'm trying to call everyone on the list, but it's been slow going.
slow off the blocks/mark INFORMAL
not reacting quickly to take advantage of a situation
slow 2 [ slou ] verb intransitive or transitive *
1. ) if you slow something, or it slows, you reduce the level or amount of it:
Inflation slowed significantly in the 90s.
Several factors combined to slow consumer spending last month.
2. ) slow or slow down if you slow something, or it slows, you reduce the speed at which it happens:
drugs that can slow the progress of the disease
slowed speech
a ) if you slow someone or something, or if they slow, you reduce the speed at which they move:
An accident is slowing traffic on the Santa Monica freeway.
I ran for a while and then slowed to a walk.
slow to a crawl/halt: Heavy fog forced drivers to slow to a crawl.
,slow `down or ,slow `up phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
1. ) same as SLOW 2 2:
Opposition by business leaders is slowing down the pace of reform.
2. ) same as SLOW 2 2A:
Slow down! You're driving too fast.
3. ) if someone slows down or if something slows them down, they become less active or effective:
For me, vacations are a time to slow down and relax with my family.
This cold is really slowing me down.
slow 3 [ slou ] adverb INFORMAL *
at a slow speed:
Hurry up! You're driving too slow.
Could you speak a little slower, please?
a line of slow-moving traffic
go slow
to do something gradually over a long period of time:
Critics think the President should go slow with his plan to reduce taxes.
start slow
to begin an activity or process by doing things that are easy, so that you can be successful:
I prefer to let my students start slow so they can gain confidence.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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